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Adelaide Art Society

Social Nights

Held on the last Friday of the month at 7.30 pm, Social nights provide an opportunity to meet fellow artists and enjoy an art demonstration, video or a guest speaker.
There is usually no charge for Social night, but a $2 donation is appreciated from non-members.

Due to current COVID requirements, we no longer have a shared supper.


Feel free to bring a friend!



Social Nights 2021

This year the society will continue to provide an interesting program of Social Night demonstrations. If you have a request/suggestion for a demonstration on a particular subject, medium or artist please let the committee know.


SUGGESTIONS: Members are encouraged to email any suggestions for Social Night subjects or speakers .


Please check the EVENTS MENU for more information.



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If you are not a member but wish to be notified of Social Night Art Presentations please complete and submit this form.


0402 876 979