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Lynn Mack Social Night

Lynn Mack Social Night

February 26, 2021 | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Lynn Mack gave a delightful presentation at the first Social Night of 2021 and the first since the COVID shutdown last year. Lynn described her art background and reasons for her move to Adelaide from Ireland. She has grown to love the very different landscape and light here. She showed how she uses the small natural objects she collects to build up her lovely still-life art with a strong design influence coming from her printing art training.
Our members who attended found the evening most enjoyable and were especially interested in Lynn’s very different approach to still-life. Members also thoroughly appreciated the chance to socialize together once again and share art experiences.



Contemporary Landscape/Still Life with often a combination of both. She works from real objects, jars, plants, grasses etc and often includes a local landscape.

Hello! I’m Lynn; artist, nature lover and pattern enthusiast. Originally from Ireland, I grew up surrounded by forests, mountains, stunning European fabrics and interior design.


In 2014 we settled in Adelaide. Over the last few years, I’ve been exploring my local conservation park and documenting the ancient pink rolling hills and walkways. I love playing with colour combinations I see around me from the turquoise seas and skies, dusty pink rocks to the rich greens, ochres and navy blues of the coastal scrublands.


Using my favourite tiny brushes, I paint with acrylic or oil paints on canvas to document the intricate patterns of grass seeds and native shrubs that I see when getting out and about into nature with my family. We take endless photographs then I hoard bottles with grass cuttings, leaves and succulents on my studio table that I refer to for inspiration for still life and landscape paintings at a later stage. Art has become a way for me to document my surroundings by painting and I’m excited to share my discoveries of a stunning Adelaidean Landscape with you.








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