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Received 20th February


     Your requirements around QR Codes have been updated.


          On 17 February, the rules around the use of COVID Safe Check-In QR Codes have changed slightly in response to community feedback.

          The following new rules now apply in addition to the current rules about QR Codes.

         You must ensure, to the extent possible in your circumstances, that all people check in on entry to your venue.
         This gives the contact tracers the greatest accuracy of when potentially infectious people may have been present. To do this, people

         need to check in on entry or as soon as they reasonably can after entering, rather than on check-out or exit.

         For example, they should do so once they have taken their seat at a restaurant or café, or use QR codes located further in the business

         to avoid people congregating at the door.

         You must ensure that your contact tracing records are kept in a way that reduces the risk of them being copied, photographed,

         taken or used by any person other than an authorised officer.
         The above refers to your back-up tracing records, that is, the ones you have available for people who cannot use your QR Codes.

         This may mean positioning your sign-in sheets in plain view of staff, or having individual check-in slips available that can be placed in a secure tin or box.

         This also means that any copies must be kept safe and secure, and away from the general public.

        must also ensure that you regularly remove sign-in logs and store them safely for 28 days.
        You must ensure that no-one else copies, photographs, takes or uses these records (other than an authorised officer).
        You as a business cannot use the records for promotional purposes or any other reason. If you do so, you may face a fine.
        Note: you will NOT receive a new QR code. You can continue to use your current QR code.

        FAQs on new QR code and contact tracing register rules

        Q: Where do I display my QR Code?
        A: The QR code poster should be printed off and displayed in prominent locations including at all entrances of the business,

        where they can be easily accessed by visitors and monitored by staff. You are encouraged to display multiple versions of the poster.

        QR code posters should be displayed at both shoulder and waist height for accessibility.
        The poster can also be presented digitally such as on a tablet, or projected onto a wall or screen.

        For more advice on displaying your QR code see our tips for businesses fact sheet.


       Q: How do I store and dispose of contact register records?
       A: Contact register records must be kept for 28 days and disposed of securely at the end of the 28 days.
       Physical contact tracing records must be kept in a way that reduces the risk of them being copied, photographed, taken or used by another person (other than an authorised officer).

       These records should be placed where they can be supervised by a staff member as well as regularly removed and replaced with a new contact tracing record sheet.

       You could also provide customers with individual check-in sheets that customers can fill in and put into a secure box. Individual check-in sheet templates are available at www.sa.gov.au/checkin.

       At the end of each day, records from that day should be stored in a safe location for 28 days after which they can be disposed of securely, including shredding or ripping into small pieces before disposing.                        Records may be stored electronically for security of information, however, must be disposed of securely after 28 days.

       Q: Are there penalties for businesses who don’t comply?
       A: Blatant breaches may result in a fine of up to $5060 for a business or $1060 for an individual.


Further information and resources
Visit the following websites for more information.

      www.covid-19.sa.gov.au for information on the current COVID-19 response and restrictions, and support packages.
      www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au for detailed advice on how to make your workplace as safe as possible for everyone, including limited sector-specific factsheets, posters and signs.
      www.sahealth.sa.gov.au for official health advice from SA Health and guidance on health and infection control measures, including factsheets on COVID-safe cleaning.
      www.health.gov.au for official health advice from the Australian Government Department of Health and guidance on health and infection control measures, including factsheets on COVID-safe cleaning.
      www.openyourworld.sa.gov.au for advice and resources to promote wellbeing.
      You may wish to contact your sector’s peak body or industry association for further guidance on how to operate safely.

      You can also call the dedicated SA COVID-19 Information Line on 1800 253 787 (9.00 am to 5.00 pm, 7 days).



February 1st 2021
The Society, as of yesterday has a revised Covid-19 Safe Plan and a Check-in QR Tile, all supplied by the State Government after a request for a "Check-in Tile".

The revised plan is displayed in the tea room and several copies of the "tile" are displayed on the walls.

Please use the Check-in App to register your arrival, there is no need to use the manual "Attendance Tracking" form unless you don't use the App.


As of the 11th January restrictions have been eased to enable us to have one person every two square metres which means

there is no longer a need to book a place. However we are required to maintain a 1.5 metre distance between people.


Please check this site regularly for updated information.



If you have questions please use this email adelaideartsociety@gmail.com 




0402 876 979