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ADAM OPALA – Demonstrating Charcoal Sketches

ADAM OPALA – Demonstrating Charcoal Sketches

August 27, 2021 | 7:30 pm

For our Social Night in August, we were fortunate to enjoy a demonstration of charcoal portrait sketches by the talented artist, Adam Opala.

He began with a sensitive portrayal of his lovely daughter, Dahlia.
It was a delight to see such a sensitive rendering emerge with a few deft strokes.
The use of smudging to add tone and removal of charcoal with a putty rubber to give highlights, illustrated Adam’s mastering of the medium.

He followed this portrait with three more quick sketches with ready volunteers from the audience, namely Quentin, Jo and Natasha. The lucky models were able to head home with their very own Adam Opala portrait!







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